Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Since being given The Great Gatsby movie for my birthday a month ago, I have probably watched the it at least once a week. Every aspect of the movie is amazing. But what is most intriguing to me, and possibly why I can't stop watching it, is the movies interpretation of the time. The parties, the music, the clothes, the attitudes, basically the lifestyle of the 1920's.

Doesn't everyone wish they could have gone to one of Jay Gatsby's parties?

Obviously. But unfortunately, none of us ever will, both because Jay Gatsby is a fictional character and because the 20's are long since over. We can do the next best thing though, and no, I don't mean watch The Great Gatsby on loop until Christmas (I will be doing that regardless). We can throw a Great Gatsby party!

A Great Gatsby party is perfect in all ways. It allows for costumes (obviously I love that), ridiculous amounts of booze (yeah, I love that too), gaudy decorating (yes please), and some killer music. The theme can also work for any occasion. New Years? Throw a Great Gatsby New Years Party! Birthday? Throw a Great Gatsby Birthday Party! Wedding? Throw a Great Gatsby Wedding! Cocktail Party? Well, obviously, your best option is to throw a Great Gatsby Cocktail Party!

In the next couple posts I will try to give you some ideas of how to throw the best Great Gatsby party of all time. Second of course to an actual Jay Gatsby Party.


Imagine the possibilities!

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